XP2: Song of the Beast-Gods

In the Land of the Faceless Sphinx

The land of Yar-Ammon is old -- and even older are its gods. In the desert city of Khadis, a colossal faceless sphinx broods over empty altars and forbidden secrets. Hungry beasts gather ever closer to the city gates, while strange plots are afoot in the royal palace. Legacies from the past haunt an old king, and the sinister priests of Zothur watch from the shadows of the throne.

Can you unravel the mysteries of accursed Khadis -- and live to tell the tale?

Savage Swords and Sinister Sorcery

"Song of the Beast-Gods" is a stand-alone sword and sorcery adventure module, inspired by the pulp era tales of Robert E. Howard and Clark Ashton Smith. Venture in the footsteps of Conan the Cimmerian, Satampra Zeiros of Uzuldaroum, Imaro of Nyumbani, and other fabled thieves, reavers and slayers!

Written for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, the adventure in this book can be easily adapted to any fantasy roleplaying game ruleset or edition.

Book features:

  • A fully detailed sword and sorcery adventure for character levels 2-3
  • Use as a stand-alone module for an evening or two of play, or use the background information as the basis for several adventures
  • A mix of wilderness travel, palace intrigue, and delving into forbidden underground vaults -- a chance for every character class to shine!
  • Region, city and dungeon maps
  • New monsters and creature templates
  • Background information on the lands, races and cults of the World of Xoth
  • Original artwork by Storn Cook

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"Song of the Beast-Gods" is available as a 28-page PDF. The price for the electronic version is USD 5.

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"Song of the Beast-Gods" is available in print as a 30-page saddle-stitched softcover from https://www.lulu.com/shop/xothnet-publishing/song-of-the-beast-gods/paperback/product-12vn58v9.html.

The price for the printed version is USD 12.


The book has been reviewed by James Maliszewski at the Grognardia blog, who writes that "Song of the Beast-Gods is attractive and well put together (...), a terrific scenario filled with both exuberant sword-and-sorcery excitement and the potential for further developing the fallout from the events the PCs set in motion. Song of the Beast-Gods is the kind of adventure that could easily kick off an entire campaign".

"Endzeitgeist" says in his GM's Magazine review (WARNING: SPOILERS) that "editing and formatting are top-notch" and that "the adventure per se is dauntingly old-school and oozes Howard/Ashton-Smith-style. If you’re already familiar with the world of Xoth, this is an excellent purchase".

Prince of Nothing has reviewed the book on his Age of Dusk blog and writes that "As far as premises go this is about as Sword & Sorcery as it is humanly possible to make one. Perfect." He concludes: "At the end of the day anyone looking for a short and punchy S&S adventure (which is damn rare), can do a heck of a lot worse then Sword of the Beast Gods. The open-ended nature of the scenario, the classic S&S archetypes transformed into the language of DnD, this is actually present. If this would be further combined with a finer grain of detail you would have something that is damn good. As is, it is still highly appealing."

And here are some comments from people who have purchased the book:

  • "The books look good and I'm sure I'll enjoy reading them."
  • "Big fan of REH here... and therefore, huge fan of your stuff so far! Great flavor and wonderful setting. Kudos!"
  • "Keep up the fantastic work."
  • "I really, really like the way you've set this up -- especially the section where you provide three different ways of hooking the players into the adventure."
  • "Please keep up the great work!"

Supporting material

World of Xoth (Campaign Map)

"Cr0m" from the Red Box Vancouver gaming group has written several blog posts (part one, part two, WARNING: SPOILERS!) on how to make this adventure "even more robust, for my sandbox-loving, rails-jumping, plot-ignoring gang of players". Any game master planning to run XP2 should read this first!