XP4: Land of the Silver Lotus

Narcotic Plants and Ancient Ghosts

"Sail due east from Iraab, O traveller, to the verdant isles where pale blossoms sway in the moonlight to the throb of native drums. But beware the treacherous hidden reefs, which can shatter a ship and send you to a watery grave before you even set foot on dry land!

If you can make landfall and offer a satisfying bribe to Tiku, the decadent Pygmy King, there are great riches and marvelous sights awaiting you deep within the inland jungles. That is, if you dare to venture past the bleached bones of countless fools who have gone before you into the places that are taboo ..."

Savage Swords and Sinister Sorcery

"Land of the Silver Lotus" is a stand-alone sword and sorcery adventure module, inspired by the pulp era tales of Robert E. Howard and Clark Ashton Smith. Venture in the footsteps of Conan the Cimmerian, Satampra Zeiros of Uzuldaroum, Imaro of Nyumbani, and other fabled thieves, reavers and slayers!

Written for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, the adventure in this book can be easily adapted to any fantasy roleplaying game ruleset or edition.

Book features:

  • A fully detailed sword and sorcery adventure for character levels 4-6
  • Use the provided adventure outline for an epic mini-campaign, or use as a sandbox environment
  • A mix of wilderness exploration and combat against mighty jungle beasts and ancient evils, as well as opportunities for subterfuge and negotiation
  • Region, village, ruin and dungeon maps
  • New monsters and creature templates
  • Background information on the lands, races and cults of the World of Xoth
  • Original artwork by Kent Burles

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Andrea Medici has reviewed the book at his Ahbaron blog and says that "'Land of the Silver Lotus' - alone this title rolls smoothly from your tongue, mysterious, promising, wondering, longing, awaking a thirst for adventure. And all this 'Land of the Silver Lotus' fulfills in a true Sword and Sorcery style."
He continues: "Depending on your preferred style of play you can pluck it for your own world and use it sandbox style or you can play the adventure in the amazing setting of Xoth, an astonishing and awe inspiring world in the sense of Sword & Sorcery Conan style."
And he concludes: "This is an outstanding product on a professional level (...) I collect for 29 years by now roleplaying publications in English, French and German, and Xoth Publishing ranks about my top 5."

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Supporting material

World of Xoth (Campaign Map)

World of Xoth Player's Guide