XP6: Throne of Gondira

City of the White Apes

You have heard the wild tales of fabled Gondira, a city built by the sons of giants, with a palace of white marble and gates of beaten gold, now hidden by the jungle and haunted by white apes who walk upright like men.

Can you penetrate the steaming jungles of the south to discover the lost city and bring back its treasures, or will you die before you can set eyes upon the throne of Gondira?

Savage Swords and Sinister Sorcery

"Throne of Gondira" is a stand-alone sword and sorcery adventure module, inspired by the pulp era tales of Robert E. Howard and Clark Ashton Smith. Venture in the footsteps of Conan the Cimmerian, Satampra Zeiros of Uzuldaroum, Imaro of Nyumbani, and other fabled thieves, reavers and slayers!

Written for the Fifth Edition (5E) of the world's most popular roleplaying game, the adventure in this book can be easily adapted to any fantasy roleplaying game ruleset or edition.

Book features:

  • A fully detailed sword and sorcery adventure for character levels 4-6
  • Includes details on the lost city and its multiple dungeon levels, as well as the surrounding wilderness areas and locations, providing many sessions and hours of play
  • A mix of wilderness exploration, social encounters and intrigue, dungeon delving, and deadly combat -- a chance for every character class to shine!
  • Wilderness, city, palace and dungeon maps
  • New monsters and NPCs
  • New items and treasure
  • Original artwork by Steve Lines

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Prince of Nothing has reviewed the book on his Age of Dusk blog (warning: lots of spoilers including maps) and writes that "Throne of Gondira is a sword and sorcery module with a capitol S. It lives Sword & Sorcery. It breathes Sword & Sorcery. It grinds S&S into a fine powder and snorts it up with swinish abandon. The module is laced through with quotes from the works of R.E. Howard, H.P. Lovecraft and C.A. Smith. The demi-humans have been stripped out and replaced with different breeds of men, some barbaric, others decadent or the degenerate remnants of a once great civilization. The orcs and goblins of vanilla fantasy have been replaced with Giant White Apes, Pterodactyls, restless spirits, savage natives and the trademark tasteful sprinkling of science fantasy. A risque exotic temptress with a barbarous lust for torture. A fallen civilization inhabited by troglodytic remnants." He continues: "Dungeon design is good. I am jaded from reading 5e material that it is almost shocking to see someone remember all the craftsmanship and apply it in a way that does not completely go against the modern format. Faction play abounds, to the point where I feel commentary is almost unneccessary. You can ally with a tonne of people, but they all have their own motivations, things are not handed to you on a platter, and some allies are actually treacherous assholes. There are gates to be lifted. Bars to be bent. Secret doors to uncover. Then carvings or statues give hints at the locations of those secret doors, or even diligent mapping. The various traps and glyphs of warding (!) are interspersed with natural hazards; rotting rope bridges, quicksand, slippery stairways, cliffs that must be mounted. There are parts where you can push your luck for extra treasure." And concludes: "The City proper is excellent, a palace, several locations, and a fairly expansive underground realm consisting of 6 floors, interconnected, often via secret passageways. Supremely well done."

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