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23 February

Announcing the RPG Manager, an online tool for Game Masters and players

Today I am excited to tell you about my latest project, which is an online tool for Game Masters and players to manage campaigns and characters. It is not intended to replace face to face gaming, but rather to be a digital companion to traditional pen and paper gaming.

This tool, called simply the RPG Manager, or RpgMan for short, helps you manage your campaigns, game sessions, XP awards, monster and NPC stats, treasure and inventory, notes and maps, random tables, and much more. During combat it tracks initiative, hit points and conditions of each combatant.

And not only does it help you as a Game Master, but your players can also login to view and update their own character sheets, manage their inventory and distribute party treasure, and view campaign lore that you have made visible to them.

Dashboard page for the Game Master with quick access to sessions, creatures and event logs

This is not an app that you need to download and install, but simply a website where you login to access your data. It works on any device, from desktop computer to tablet and mobile phone. You’ll have access to your campaign notes, adventure maps, game session logs and monster stats all in one place, available from anywhere! A monthly subscription covers the cost of keeping the system up and running, safely storing and backing up your data every night, as well as continuing development of new features.

Manage creatures, both player monsters and player characters

Many of the features (such as campaign and session management, notes and files, random tables, etc) are completely system-neutral. The creature/character database can be used for any kind of D&D-inspired game based on the standard six attributes, hit points, armor class, to-hit bonus, etc. Specifically, it is designed to work well with 5E and Pathfinder, but also works fine for older systems such as Original Edition (0E and “retroclones”), 1E and 2E, as the stat block templates are customized for each different ruleset. You can mix and match different rulesets within a campaign, and even within an encounter. If you want, you can have 5E characters battling monsters from Pathfinder, or vice versa! 🙂

Manage encounters and track initiative, hit points and conditions

The system will be developed with even more features over the coming months and years. By signing up and becoming an early adopter, you can participate and help shape the tool based on your feedback.

For more information, go to and sign up today!