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04 March


I am Thulsa. I like swords and sorcery (and weird fiction in general).

In 2002, I launched the Hyborian Age campaign website.

In 2004, I wrote a book called Ancient Kingdoms: Mesopotamia for Necromancer Games.

In 2008, I published a book called The Spider-God’s Bride and Other Tales of Sword and Sorcery via Xoth.Net Publishing.

In 2010, I launched this blog at

In 2011, I set up a discussion forum for Sword & Sorcery and related topics, at

In 2011, I published an adventure module called Song of the Beast-Gods via Xoth.Net Publishing.

In 2012, I published an adventure module called The Citadel beyond the North Wind via Xoth.Net Publishing.

In 2016, I published an adventure module called Land of the Silver Lotus via Xoth.Net Publishing.

In 2019, I launched an online tool for Game Masters and players to manage campaigns and characters at


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  1. TimmyD says:

    Hey Thulsa. I’ve been inspired by Xoth, and your various rules and conversion notes. I’ll be basing some of my ‘old school’ D&D conversion on your inspiration (

    I will rely heavily on the Xoth setting. Looking forward to hearing more from your blog!

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